Kastell Ô Fil de L'eau

In the very heart of the historic district of Quimperlé, you are at the start of the romantic, evening walk known as “ blue paths” (chemins bleus).  These walks take you on a tour of history and nature, across the river on a small ferry boat from spring to autumn. You will easily find somewhere to eat on the way or you can have a gourmet meal delivered by one of our partner restaurants.

The Kastell is located near the coast, just 15 minutes from the beaches and small harbours of Doëlan, Brigneau and Merrien.

« Chemin bleu » walks

Quimperlé offers its visitors a luminous evening walk along the banks of 3 rivers.  The Chemin Bleu project, created by Yann Kersalé, highlights the heritage of the lower town of Quimperlé.

This romantic walk of about 20 minutes, takes visitors on a tour of the town’s historic district.  Peaceful, bucolic and romantic, it is the ideal walk for couples staying at the Kastell who fancy an evening stroll at nightfall.

As a nod to this walk, we have installed blue lighting in the KassiÔpée suite.

Historic district

Quimperlé is brimming with attractions and events that you can enjoy throughout the year.  Nestled in the countryside within easy reach of the sea, Quimperlé is known as the “town of three rivers”  and is renowned for  its heritage and gentle lifestyle.

From the upper town to the historic district in the lower part of the town, a stroll around Quimperlé takes you along cobbled streets, paved stairways, bridges and walkways.  Located on the “route de peintres (painters’ road), the picturesque setting inspired many painters and engravers from the end of the 19th century.  Plunge into the heart of Breton culture.


There are several beaches in and around Quimperlé, each with a different attraction: large sandy beaches, white pebble coves, small beaches offering more privacy, golden or grey sand…  there’s something for everyone.

Small Breton harbours

Doëlan harbour boasts picture postcard scenery.  Nestled in a narrow, deep ria, opening onto the ocean and the island of Groix, the everchanging landscapes are breathtaking, whatever time of day.   It is a small, authentic harbour with its two twin lighthouses, green and white stripes downstream and red and white stripes upstream.

The small ports of Brigneau and Merrien located a few minutes away in Moëlan-sur-Mer, are also worth a visit.

Further afield…

Southern Finistère is brimming with must-sees that make it such a delightful region.

Quimperlé is the ideal base from which to visit the area, with the N165 dual carriageway taking you to nearby towns and coastal roads along which you can admire the scenery: Pont-Aven, Concarneau, Trégunc, Lorient and its Interceltic Festival, Quimper, Locronan…

Light up the stars…